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How We Should Conduct Ourselves on a Film Set

When we film movies, God wants us to be set apart from how other film sets usually operate so He has provided some instructions on how to handle this so there will be little opportunity for sinning and false attachments to form.

Worshiping God on Set

The film set should be viewed like a church…

… So, our integrity on set should be no different than how we conduct ourselves at church before God and in front of a body of other believers.

He wants us to give thanks and praise Him for all that He has done.

And since He’s the reason why these movies are being made, we should be especially thankful to Him for allowing us to be a part of such a special opportunity.


To begin with, God would like us to have musicians on set. This will give us the opportunity to worship and praise Him during this special time we have together to bring these wonderful movies God created to life.


And secondly, we will take frequent breaks between filming so that we have an opportunity to pray to God to guide us.

I’ve personally experienced how important it is to stop what I’m doing throughout the day and pray to God so that I don’t get sidetracked by the distractions of the world and I can stay in alignment with God’s will.

God would like me to also offer this opportunity on set to all fellow believers.

How We Approach Intimacy on Set

Though we can never be completely free of temptation, the following instructions make it less likely…


It’s very easy to form unnatural bonds with one another after you spend too much time on set with the opposite sex. Affairs can happen as a result of it. God wants to minimize the chances of this happening as much as possible. So, we bring the spouse of the actors on set to keep the bond between husband and wife strong.


There will be at least two chaperones on set that will observe our conduct. They will step in if they feel God is leading them to. Their job is to observe if two actors of the opposite sex are forming dangerous attachments to each other. If they feel it’s the case, then it’s their job to intervene.

Kissing Doubles

Think stunt doubles, except for kissing scenes.

God has provided a wonderful idea for scenes that require two actors to kiss. Since God doesn’t want any two people to kiss outside of marriage (since it preps their bodies for sexual relations, can incite lust, lead to affairs, etc.) He’s come up with two ways you can still enjoy seeing the characters kiss without the two actors actually kissing each other.

  1. If the two actors are married, then the husband and wife of the actors do the kissing scenes with them. The scenes are choreographed and we use special effects to remove the two actors’ spouses from the scenes so it looks like the actors are kissing each other.
  2. Or if one or neither actor is married, we do a search for kissing doubles. We look for two people who are married who look like the two actors who are supposed to kiss. We then hire the doubles to do the kissing scenes and through special effects, the kissing double’s faces are replaced by the two actors faces. So, the two actors look like they are kissing instead.

This is an ingenious idea God brought to my attention sometime back, and I’ve always been intrigued by the simple yet powerful way He presented it.

The way He chose to give the audience exactly what they wanted without compromising the actors in the process is amazing.

The same is done for bedroom scenes as well. We have very clean scenes in which sometimes an on-screen spouse is lying in bed with the other.

But it would be inappropriate for the two actors to do it. In this case, we get the spouse or double to take the place of the intended actor.

That way no one is compromised, God’s will and laws are honored and the audience gets what they want.

So, in short, God Is providing us with every means possible to not fall into the traps of worldly temptation while we film on set in order to do movies that exalt Him.