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Mission Statement

God Makes Indie Movie warns that God’s judgment is coming and urges people to turn away from their sins and back to Him before it’s too late.

This mission serves people who recognize their need for God and want to turn to Him while they still have the chance.

It contrasts living a life of obedience against living a life of rebellion.

Whether people want to believe it or not, mankind is in the middle of a supernatural war.

Everyday people are distracted by the enemy to turn away from the truth–that God exists and that they’ll be judged for the choices they make when they die.

And the choices they make in their lives will affect where they end up after death.

The enemy wants to deceive people into believing that there are no consequences to making the wrong choices and that they have nothing to fear…

… But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For those who choose not to believe, their fate is sealed, but for those who want to consider the truth, they still have a chance to choose life, to choose a relationship with God before it’s too late.

God wants to use this mission to expose the enemy’s lies…

… To reveal that those who reject Him will be punished. Forever.

And He wants to give people a chance to turn away from their sin before time runs out.

Because the temporary choices they make in this world will have everlasting consequences in the next.

As time closes in, God wants to invite them to have an intimate relationship with Him, so they don’t have to experience the terrible fate of being separated from Him eternally.

Through the series, testimonies and movies, viewers are able to see the blessings that come with obedience and the consequences that come with sin…
  • The series chronicles the journey of sin and redemption and the battle between good and evil. Viewers witness the impact that both God and Satan have on my life as God calls me to do specific missions. As I receive messages from God and attacks from Satan, it opens their eyes that both exist and that heaven and hell are very real. They’ll be able to see that they have a choice regarding who they serve and whether they will choose eternal life or eternal death.
  • My personal testimonies validate my encounters with God and demonic forces. As I accuse myself before the world of the sins I’ve committed and testify about how God has saved me from them, they’re able to see the wonderful things God has done in my life and know that it’s possible for them too.
  • The movies testify about how important it is to make God the center of your life. As the characters struggle with temptation, sin and making the right choices, God’s beautiful and loving nature is brought to light. As He becomes the center of a character’s life in the midst of tragic or painful events, it exposes how essential it is to put God first and love Him with your whole heart. Viewers are able to then see how important it is to make God the center are their lives too.

And throughout the stories and testimonies, several other truths are revealed…

  • That man is the bad guy.
  • That we need salvation.
  • That we can only be saved through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
  • And that God loves us and wants to spend eternity with us.

And although God is good, merciful, loving and forgiving, as such, He cannot let evil go unpunished.

He wants to expose that failing to surrender and submit to Him will only lead to devastation.

God urges them to dedicate their lives to Him and experience love like they never have before…

… From a loving and nurturing Being who will never betray them and never forsake them.

He invites them to experience a love that will last forever.

And He urges them to recognize that they only need to admit their need for Him and He will be right there to help them and to save them.

And no matter what they’ve done, if they turn away from their sins and seek forgiveness, He will forgive them.

And as a servant and child of God, they’ll live with Him for eternity in Paradise and be rewarded for their loyalty and laying down their lives for Him…

… Just as Jesus laid down his life for us.

God reminds them that He forgives sinners, but He hates sin.

And He warns against the ultimate price they’ll have to pay if they reject Him and choose evil over good.