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Tameka Norris Testimony

Many times when I feel despair God sends me to Psalm 13 in the Bible!

I’m so excited to be a part of something so amazing in Christ Jesus. When God first asked me to accuse myself before the world, I was petrified.

But I’m so grateful He chose me for this mission. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do with my life than this.

When God first came to me in 2016, I didn’t understand the capacity of this mission. I didn’t understand what it would require. The death it would require and the new life it would give me.

I was a 264 lb. food addict drowning in loneliness. I would go on week long binges to drown out the hollowness I felt.

I kept trying to capture the fullness of life in the food I ate. It’s a horrible thing to breathe in and out and be a living being and feel dead inside. Then do everything in your power to try to be revived and feel powerless to be resuscitated.

I’d go through bouts of depression during specific times of the day. What I call the 2 to 5 PM pain, because the pain would get particularly unbearable around this time of the day, and I would feel pain so deep, I couldn’t stand the thought of going on another day like that.